For the new and improved Silan 8 weeks range, we created a multi-store activation campaign in over 40 major retail sores. Through this campaign we invited consumers to try the new Silan scents, by purchasing a 2l Silan and they were instantly rewarded through an iPad app mechanism. For Silan 8 weeks, the activation aimed to appeal to the emotional, this is why the central element of the campaign was a wardrobe: a personal item in the life of customers. The key visual aimed to show an explosion of freshness, backed up by the positive headline.
Wobbler & photo booth
Stairs branding
Creative flyer
Activation app
For the launch of the new toilet hygiene solution, Bref Blue Aktiv, we delivered the the products benefits through in-store activation. We invited customers to play a custom ball-throwing game at the selling point in order for them to win instant prizes.