Fun. Purpose. Focus
Who are we?

What you need.

What your business needs.

Unusual. Unconventional. Unpredictable.

The flamingos in the flock of pigeons.

The sparkle in your plain water. The salt in your sweet food.

The strawberry on your pizza. They don’t do that. So what?

What we do?

Anything we can for you.

You’ll get complex torn into simple. And simple into magic.

All strategically and creatively led to make your brand matter in a noisy-hyper-connected world.

Mission impossible

We take out the IM from possible, because we take togetherness literally: we grow with you, you grow with us.

And when we grow, they grow.


Your brand’s community.

Cause your business deserves the ka-boom! And by ka-boom, we mean purpose-driven-growth.

Our values?

Are yours as well.






Big ideas. Bold ideas.

Wild(est) of your dreams come true through innovation.

Naked truth or the boring term: transparency

Limitless ideas that go beyond imaginable.

Pink feathers. Why? We’re flamingos, baby.

We love to do
3d modeling
web design
app design
integrated campaigns
social media
Our Team
Client Service
Our secret is that we make coffee and offer our clients cake in meetings, that’s why they like us. After this, we are able to maintain a strong relationship with them. We also befriend the media in order to ensure that our clients’ needs, from the most basic ones (such as coffee and cake) to the most complex (an integrated campaign) are satisfied.

We thoroughly study the market and the competition and we provide consultative help for our clients. We determine the need for our client’s product on the market and ensure that the product is functional within the standards of quality. We research trends within the industry, analyze products from other companies, and help updating existing products.

We also create non-conformist campaigns because we want to stand out, we crave to be different. Through direct marketing strategies targeted to specific groups we ensure a better outreach of the campaign and a stronger relationship between consumers and brands.
Creativity without strategy is called art, while creativity with strategy is called advertising. We attempt to answer three main questions: “Where are we now?” “Where do we want to go?” and “How do we get there?”. In the agency, strategy is the voice of consumers, as we understand their needs and apply them in our projects.
We watch television, listen to the radio, and drive around the city looking for billboards. So trust us when we say we know the best times and spaces for advertising. We select and propose the best media for adverts, prepare a media plan scheduling for clients and after approval we buy advertising time and space, considering the most important aspects: market competition, product nature, client’s budget, media trends.
Our fuel is creativity: we breathe, eat and play with ideas, using the power of imagination. We dissect and customize the message that our clients want as many times as necessary in order to achieve outstanding results. Think of us as tailors, we design and produce a dress and you come in for fittings until it suits you perfectly.